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Spring Festival Holiday Notice/Hefei New Ideas wish you all a happy Spring Festi

The 2024 Spring Festival is approaching, according to the provisions of The General Office of the State Council "Notice on the arrangement of some holidays in 2024", combined with the actual situation of our company, the 2024 Spring Festival holiday arrangement is now notified as follows: from February 6, 2024 (27th of the twelfth month) to February 17 (eighth day of the first month), a total of 12 days; February 18, 2024 (the ninth day of the first month) officially started work.

The sun and the moon, the year law update! The beautiful moment of ending the old year and welcoming the new is coming. Hefei New Idea extends sincere greetings and New Year wishes to leaders at all levels, partners, friends from all walks of life, employees and their families who care and support the development of the company in advance!

This year, the foundation of the enterprise has been strengthened. New ideas still adhere to the "free hands, because I change" as the mission, with the "leading technology, unlimited packaging" business philosophy and "people-oriented, quality as the root" quality policy, constantly consolidate the foundation of enterprise development, the construction of new plant is also coming to an end, modern plant has been put into use, on this basis, the enterprise scale continues to grow, market development continues to expand, The intelligent system has been continuously improved.

This year, the sales direction is firm. New ideas are still in the leading areas to maintain a high share, the pace of transformation and upgrading is more firm, the pre-sale, sale and after-sales connection continue to deepen, and constantly improve the after-sales service sales management system, to provide customers with high-quality and efficient service. In this regard, the effect of the joint development of traditional business and innovative business is showing.

This year, innovation and development made solid progress. The company continues to optimize measures such as talent introduction, cultivation and incentive. Scientific and technological innovation has always been placed in a prominent position, the science and innovation system has been continuously improved, and the blocked point of achievement transformation has been opened, and the intelligent transformation has achieved phased results.

This year, the staff work hard and cooperate. The majority of staff dedication, Ming potential, pioneering and striving to lead, through a variety of forms to make contributions. With the joint efforts of everyone, the company not only made certain achievements in enterprise honor, but also broke through the annual operating income again.

In the New Year, the company's new factory will be fully put into use, standing at a new starting point with a new look, facing new goals, new ideas will work with everyone to make persistent efforts, live up to the mission, and create brilliance. A thousand pieces of brocade have been displayed in the old year, and a hundred feet of pole in the New Year. New ideas once again wish you good health, work smoothly, and family happiness!


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