Packaging and palletizing lines
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Packaging and palletizing lines

The full-automatic packaging production line is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing domestic and foreign packaging machine technology. It has a wide range of application and can automatically pack bags of different materials, such as paper bags, plastic bags and woven bags.

It is widely used in the automation of the whole process of weighing, packaging detection and palletizing of granules, powders, blocks and other products in many industries, such as medicine, food, petrochemical industry, chemical fertilizer, grain, feed, building materials, metallurgy, ports, logistics and so on.

representative case
  • 01
    Single and double stations, automatic switching of working mode, motor-driven to realize the function of supplying and moving bags. 2 horizontally arranged bag trays can store up to 200 empty bags (depending on the thickness of the bags).
  • 02
    Double-arm bagging robot, bionic structure, original design, patented technology, can be applied to a variety of bags.
  • 03
    After filling the material bags in the lower material mouth down at the same time, by moving the bag on the trolley holding bag, bag clamping device will be held in the middle of the bag, bag mouth clamped to the introduction of the device, into the sealing system is connected. Through it into the sealing drive chain, to ensure that the bag mouth into a zigzag, so that the bag to get the whole process control.
Complementary products

▪ Real-time monitoring, pinpointing, and operational planning;

▪ Unified equipment control platform for unified scheduling and control of different types of equipment;

▪ The system architecture platform is flexible and scalable, and supports the perfect docking of new equipment and the upper control system at a later stage.

Contains modules:
  • task management
  • equipment management
  • information management
  • Development Options
  • Log Management


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