Cartoning and palletizing lines
New Idea Intelligent, one-stop solution provider for packaging/filling/boxing/palletizing
Cartoning and palletizing lines

Intelligent logistics handling robot is a new generation of intelligent handling equipment integrating automatic docking, automatic handling, data tracing and other multi-functions. According to the diversified customer scenarios to provide a variety of material carrier handling solutions, the realization of the material to the production line of the docking handling, to achieve from the shelf to the workstation for online or offline sorting applications. Flexible response to different containers and scenarios, to solve the tedious manual handling, the use of machines instead of people to reduce the cost of enterprise management and product defective rate, improve logistics efficiency. For the enterprise to reduce costs and increase efficiency add bricks and mortar.

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Complementary products

▪ Arbitrary path planning, moldable travel, full configuration design, automatic obstacle avoidance;

▪ AGV can realize a series of functions such as automatic navigation, automatic assignment, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic planning of the optimal path, etc. by using with this scheduling system;

▪ It can support hundreds of AGVs to work together under any path, and support WMS and WCS docking;

▪ Simply click start once the project is configured and you can automate your work 24/7 with no one involved.

Contains modules:
  • multilevel dispatch
  • precise positioning
  • safety protection
  • Self-charging
  • Information visualization
  • Interfacing to a higher-level system
  • route planning

▪ Task management, inventory management, query statistics, report log;

▪ Support various modes of logistics warehousing in various industries such as flat storage, vertical storage and intensive storage;

▪ Supports seamless integration of barcode, RFID, handheld terminals and vehicle-mounted terminals to enhance efficiency and accuracy;

▪ Support single warehouse, multi-point, multi-warehouse and multi-shipper unified collaborative management;

▪ Support logistics warehousing full visualization of on-site operation mode;

▪ Highly flexible processes and business rules are configurable;

▪ Modular and standardized design supports seamless integration with existing business systems.

Contains modules:
  • Warehouse View
  • physical warehouse
  • 2D view
  • 3D view
  • Statistical reports
  • water clock
  • Order Management
  • task management
  • Rights Management
  • dictionary data
  • Basic data
  • Inventory management
  • system management

▪ Capture data comprehensively, gain insights effectively, and assist in business actions;

▪ Aggregate multiple advanced analyses and flexibly combine indicators;

▪ Real-time data provides flexible insights into the behavioral performance of users throughout their lifecycle and uncovers the growth possibilities behind the metrics;

▪ In-depth analysis of data from key nodes to better use data to measure business effectiveness and gain insight into business issues.

Contains modules:
  • Inventory analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • WMS Warehouse Distribution
  • Asset analysis
  • Inventory utilization analysis
  • Inventory variance analysis


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