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Forge ahead and create the future | Hefei New Idea Smart 2024 starts work!

The sound of firecrackers in the ear, the blessing bursts of warm heart

The Spring Festival holiday is full of energy

The New Year sets sail again

The ninth day of the first lunar month

We're already at work

New ideas, New Year, new starting point, new journey

Life is full of pride, work is always good


One yuan after the beginning of the mountains and rivers, Vientiane renewal of the beautiful spring. In this beautiful season of spring and the growth of all things, Hefei New Ideas Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. 2024 started successfully


Hefei New Idea Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes the start of work, employees have returned to the company, all employees to forge ahead, do not idle new attitude to welcome the New Year, with firm faith, loud salute to open the new 2024!


In the past year, we have made great achievements. In the New Year, under the inspiration of the company's new mission, new ideas will fully help the new factory to fully invest, and open a new journey with a capable team, high-quality service and innovative spirit. In the New Year, under the company tie, all employees will devote themselves to work, firm confidence and not relax, seek tight development in stability, do solid work, and open up a new picture!


Spring returns to the earth, back to struggle

A new journey has begun

Grand plans have been drawn

Time is of no use to me

Let's take the start as a sprint

The opening is a decisive gesture

Gather a breath of energy

Open a new chapter


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