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"Look to the future, start again", the new ideas annual meeting was su
Time sequence change, foresight, and a new journey. On February 5, 2024, the grand ceremony of Hefei New Ideas Annual Meeting was held as scheduled.

Time does not live, the past flies, Hua Guang is like a dream, the season is like flow.

On the occasion of the old year and the New Year, the leaders and all employees of Hefei New Ideas will join together to share reunion, precipitate the past and welcome the new light.


Mr. Zhou Chaofei, General manager of the company, delivered a speech at the 2024 New Year annual meeting. The past 2023, for the company, is full of challenges and tests of the year, in the complex economic situation of the environment, the company worked together, teamwork, outstanding completion of the work indicators throughout the year. The year 2023 has passed, and the year 2024 is coming quietly, with new opportunities in the New Year. We firmly believe that as long as we embrace our dreams and keep our feet on the ground, dare to think and act, and do well, with the support and help of all parties, we will surely usher in new opportunities again and harvest more achievements and joy.


On this special occasion, the company presents outstanding employee awards and sweepstakes to recognize those employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of the company. It not only represents the company's recognition and gratitude to employees, but also represents the value and status of employees in the company.


The first ray of sunshine in the Year of the Dragon is about to come, and the clouds are steaming and the spring mountains are expected. At this moment, new thinkers are full of confidence and hope. With this warmth and strength, let us enter a new era full of unlimited potential.



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