Filling and palletizing lines
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Filling and palletizing lines

Ideal for manufacturing or distribution operations, stacker systems provide rapid access to pallets and other bulky goods in a secure, high-density, energy-efficient storage structure. Automated stand-up storage is energy efficient and can operate continuously in a variety of extreme environments, including refrigerated and frozen. In addition, automated vaults secure inventory, prevent shrinkage (theft or loss of inventory) reduce damage and improve order fulfillment accuracy.

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Complementary products

▪ Real-time monitoring, precise positioning, operation planning, visualization of cargo space;

▪ Unified equipment control platform for unified scheduling and control of different types of equipment;

▪ Give full consideration to the logistics characteristics of different industries, including order size, customer habits and the requirements of special logistics operations in different industries;

▪ The system architecture platform is flexible and scalable, and supports the perfect docking of new equipment and the upper control system at a later stage.

Contains modules:
  • Warehouse Monitoring
  • task management
  • equipment management
  • information management
  • Development Options
  • Log Management

▪ Task management, inventory management, query statistics, report log;

▪ Support various modes of logistics warehousing in various industries such as flat storage, vertical storage and intensive storage;

▪ Supports seamless integration of barcode, RFID, handheld terminals and vehicle-mounted terminals to enhance efficiency and accuracy;

▪ Support single warehouse, multi-point, multi-warehouse and multi-shipper unified collaborative management;

▪ Support logistics warehousing full visualization of on-site operation mode;

▪ Highly flexible processes and business rules are configurable;

▪ Modular and standardized design supports seamless integration with existing business systems.

Contains modules:
  • Warehouse View
  • physical warehouse
  • 2D view
  • 3D view
  • Statistical reports
  • water clock
  • Order Management
  • task management
  • Rights Management
  • dictionary data
  • Basic data
  • Inventory management
  • system management

▪ Capture data comprehensively, gain insights effectively, and assist in business actions;

▪ Aggregate multiple advanced analyses and flexibly combine indicators;

▪ Real-time data provides flexible insights into the behavioral performance of users throughout their lifecycle and uncovers the growth possibilities behind the metrics;

▪ In-depth analysis of data from key nodes to better use data to measure business effectiveness and gain insight into business issues.

Contains modules:
  • Inventory analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • WMS Warehouse Distribution
  • Asset analysis
  • Inventory utilization analysis
  • Inventory variance analysis


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