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Submerged AGV

The mobile robot can be composed of hardware and software systems such as movable shelves, replenishment, picking workstations, WMS system, RCS system and so on. With the artificial intelligence algorithm software system as the core, it can complete all the operation processes in the warehouse at the workstation, including shelf picking, replenishment, return, inventory and so on.

  • Specificities
    Dynamic resource allocation, to achieve artificial intelligence massive order optimization; reduce manual intervention, the system automatically guides the operation; switch the layout reasonable, optimize the order system, optimize the inventory structure; seamless docking WCS / WMS and other upper software systems, short project implementation cycle.
Traveling Speed:1.5m/sSelf-weight:195kgMaximum load:1000kg
External Dimensions:1090x830x275mmObstacle detection method:laser radarObstacle avoidance distance:Infrared 2m, Laser 3m
Maximum rotation speed:90°/2s,180°/3sCommunication methods:WIFI (dual-band 2.4G/5G)Navigating the way:

Laser guidance + 2D code navigation + Reflector navigation


Charge 10 minutes Run for 2~3 hours

Battery life:Full discharge > 2000 cyclesAdaptation to the environment:Temperature -20~50℃


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