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How many advantages of automatic palletizer do you know?

With the rapid development of science and technology, automatic palletizing machine has been widely used in the industry, why automatic palletizing machine can be commonly used or even replace traditional manual palletizing machine? Mainly depends on the advantages of automatic palletizing machine, then, about the advantages of automatic palletizing machine, how many do you know?


1、High efficiency

Compared with traditional manual palletizing, the efficiency of intelligent automatic palletizing machine is obviously much higher than that of manual palletizing machine. There are many drawbacks in manual palletizing. For places with limited space, it is impossible to carry out effective height palletizing. Such palletizing is undoubtedly inefficient. The new idea intelligent automatic palletizer can efficiently carry out regular palletizing without manual assistance, and is not affected by the height of the goods.

2、Low cost

Traditional manual palletizing costs and mechanized palletizing costs often include handling costs and palletizing costs, which will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, and these are cost consumption. However, after the use of automatic palletizing machine, this problem will be solved. Automatic palletizing relies on intelligence, saves the manual link, and the effect is outstanding in the cost link.

3、Low energy efficiency

Aside from manual palletizing, palletizing machine is generally divided into mechanized palletizing machine and intelligent automatic palletizing machine, while the operating power of mechanized palletizing machine is generally about 26KW, intelligent automatic palletizing machine is generally about 5KW, obviously, the energy consumption of automatic palletizing machine is lower, and the user will greatly reduce the operating cost after using automatic palletizing machine.


4、Small occupation of land

Automatic palletizer has almost no space defects, limited by the height is very small, and the automatic palletizer occupies a small area, which is conducive to the placement of the production line in the user's site, which can save more use area, not only that, the automatic palletizer can also be flexibly used in a limited space, which is the advantage that users are willing to see.

5、Easy to operate

The automatic palletizer can operate all its controls on the screen of the control cabinet, which is very simple for the operator, which is the Gospel of today's social intelligence. The design concept of simple operation and simplicity is also advocated by people today, and it is also true for enterprises.

The benefits of intelligence to people are numerous, and the advantages of automatic palletizing machines are not only these. In fact, in addition to the above advantages, the prevalence of automatic palletizing machine is also caused by the development trend of today and even the future, about the future, we can even see more intelligent more possibilities, then, about the above advantages of automatic palletizing machine, how many do you know?


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