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10-50KG Heavy Bag Packaging Machine
  • Functionality
    Automatic weighing, automatic bag loading, automatic filling, automatic bag feeding, automatic sealing, etc.
  • Specificities
    Can be linked with back-channel palletizing robots and other equipment to realize large-size packaging and unmanned palletizing operations.
  • Use
    Chemical, fertilizer, feed, grain, seed, food, rubber and plastic, etc.
Package weight:10-50kgBag size: L*W (mm)600-1100/350-650Packaging materials:

1, Woven bag (coated)

2, Kraft paper bags

3, composite film plastic bags (film thickness greater than 0.18mm)

Measurement accuracy:0.25%FSPacking speed:6-15 packages/minute (according to packaging materials, bag size, etc. will vary slightly)Sealing method:

1, Woven bag: folded edge/thread stitching

2, kraft paper bags: heat sealing / line stitching

3, composite film plastic bags (film thickness greater than 0.18mm)


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