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How to find the right robot palletizing?

Today's society is an era of efficiency, any work should be efficiency first, especially large scale, high output enterprises are even more so. Therefore, for the palletizing process, if you still use manual palletizing, not only the labor cost is high, and there are certain security risks, now most enterprises gradually began to use higher effect, safer automated, intelligent, unmanned robot palletizing, output and efficiency has been a qualitative leap. So, in the face of uneven market quality robot palletizing, how should we choose correctly?


  1. Product price

    Purchase of robot palletizing, price is certainly the primary factor for users to consider, choose high price or low price, there is no accurate answer, the pursuit of cost-effective is the right choice. Perhaps many companies will take the lowest price as the first choice, in fact, this is risky, not all cheap products are good products, on the contrary, there are usually a lot of bad equipment manufacturers on the market with very poor quality raw materials, resulting in customers often use a variety of difficult to compensate for the problem.

    Rational choice of equipment prices, should start from the product quality, with a reasonable price to choose first-class quality products, production is a guarantee, is a support for efficiency.

  2. Product performance

    Robot palletizing performance can be used as one of the reference factors for customer selection. We mainly from the robot palletizing six performance analysis.

    Load: The load needs to be considered as the payload;

    Direction: The direction needs to refer to the moving plane problem, in the moving plane possible obstacles and lubrication and other effects of consideration;

    Speed: In terms of speed, acceleration, deceleration and the resulting inertia should be strictly taken into account;

    Movement: Movement considers the distance of movement, correction, lubricating interval and sudden movement of the universal ball screw;

    Environment: ambient temperature, cleanliness and presence of corrosive agents;

    Load cycle: The load cycle considers whether the time ratio of operation and the thermal effect of the part.

  3. Product reputation

    After understanding and analyzing the product performance of robot palletizing, we should also consider the reputation of robot palletizing companies and brands. An excellent enterprise, the reputation in the industry is beyond doubt. Choosing a manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry is an excellent decision.

    How to distinguish between business and brand word of mouth: friend introduction and brand influence. When a manufacturer recommends a robot palletizing manufacturer to you, the preliminary judgment is that the enterprise still has a certain influence, at least it has a certain communication power. If the performance of the enterprise in the industry is very good, it can basically be judged that the robot palletizing of the enterprise can be taken into consideration. Of course, when we choose robot palletizing, we must maintain our own point of view, and choose the right choice for ourselves.

  4. Product maintenance

    Product maintenance reflects the quality of the product in a certain sense, the excellent quality of robot palletizing products for the later maintenance is very convenient, compared with the poor quality caused by a variety of problems after maintenance, excellent quality of robot palletizing can save maintenance costs, improve material production efficiency. In addition, an excellent robot palletizing manufacturer, the reaction speed of product maintenance after-sales is amazing, and it can solve the difficult problems encountered by customers in a short time.

    To sum up, on how to find the right robot palletizing problem, it can be said that people see people see people see people, everyone has their own different views, there are many manufacturers on the market to choose, but there are not many high-quality manufacturers to choose, which needs to be based on the suggestions of Xiaobian and combined with their actual situation to choose.


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