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Seasoned forklift operator, already making a career change?

Some time ago, due to the epidemic, the epidemic in many places and many areas caused a lot of trouble to people. When I was chatting with my neighbors in the community control, I learned that the other side was an experienced forklift master. However, due to the epidemic, he returned to the company and found that the company had no place for him, and the original company adopted the popular AGV unmanned forklift truck. Seeing this, many small partners may ask, what is AGV unmanned forklift, why will the experienced forklift master lose his job?


Many people will say that it may be the cause of the epidemic, but it is not. Indeed, the epidemic has brought inevitable troubles to our lives and work, but it is not the main reason. With the development of The Times and the increase in the output of production enterprises, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for efficiency. Although experienced forklift operators are sought-after in the industry, they cannot meet the increasing production demand and the vacancy caused by the special situation of the epidemic.

In terms of cost, a forklift master works 8-10 hours a day, and the working time is limited, and for companies with larger production needs, more than one forklift master may be hired. If there are special circumstances or forklift master leave, it may also be a loss for the company's production capacity. The AGV unmanned forklift truck can work 24 hours without manual intervention, which can save a lot of labor wages.

In terms of accuracy, although experienced forklift operators work fast, repetitive workload and fixed work content are easy to cause fatigue for forklift operators, and if work mistakes or lack of concentration are caused, the loss of goods will also be caused. As an intelligent device, AGV unmanned forklift trucks can obtain the operating parameters of unmanned forklifts through system identification. Applying predictive control and adaptive control methods, real-time online fine-tuning and optimization, dynamic adjustment of control instructions, so as to quickly and accurately achieve the control target.

So, now we know why such an experienced forklift operator would lose his job. AGV unmanned forklift has too many advantages, not only can save a lot of labor costs, but also through intelligent and more accurate operation, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, but also more convenient management, safety is far beyond the artificial forklift. For the future, AGV unmanned forklift is not only a trend, but also will become the standard configuration of enterprise production.


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