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The leaders of Lujiang County Government visit our company to guide our work

October 9, Lujiang County government Yang County magistrate, Zhang County magistrate, County economy and information Bureau Guo Director, Mo director, Helu Industrial New City Management Committee Zong director, He members and other leaders to visit the company guidance, in the company Zhou Chaofei general manager and main management personnel accompanied by leaders in-depth production vehicle inspection line, the current production situation of our company for a comprehensive understanding.


During the visit, the leadership of the company introduced the production environment, production process and the application of related products in the market in detail to the leaders, and expounded the recent development status and future development direction of the company, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders.


Through the understanding of the company and the actual situation of on-site production, the leaders of the company's safety production, business management, employee care and other aspects of communication and discussion, and put forward the corresponding suggestions, for our company pointed out a broader direction of development, and encourage and hope that new ideas intelligent bold exploration, innovation and learning, to find more possibilities.


For the care of the leadership, the company's leadership expressed heartfelt thanks, and said that it will further make the enterprise bigger and stronger, strive for greater breakthroughs in quality, innovation, brand, scale and management, and work hard, continue to improve quality and efficiency, step on a new level, and strive to develop the company into a new enterprise that makes more contributions to the society and the economy.


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